Hello World

Hello World!

Seemed fitting to have that be the first line of my blog post/site/attempts to write something which I hope at least one person will find somewhat beneficial. Even if no one reads this, it is good to express ones self outloud (in print) so as to provide a means to try to understand what it is they think they think. Throughout this blog I will try to uncover a system, a system of how things work. I have always had a large curiousity about how things work, how systems affect other systems, and how systems push the sum of humanity through the present and into the future. It feels at times that we are pushed at such a rate, it is difficult for us to stop to and look at the forces that affect us.

So, this blog is to address a moment of my time seeing, reflecting, and pushing back at a system. My goal is to try to uncover what that system is, how it works, and if there is direction I can see where it is traveling. At the present time I will tailor this blog to the following:
   - Network PCAP Analysis
   - Crypto Mining
   - Randomness

My mind is one of constant wonder and I could easily make this list of systems so much larger, but my life is pretty busy with School (Master's Degree!!!), Work (Security type stuff), and Family (Best job in the world) so I will honor my limits and just stick with these for now. ;-) A little rational for why I chose these three topics.

Network PCAP Analysis - I have worked in the field of Computer Security for just about 10 years. I have held positions such as SOC analyst, Lead SOC analyst, Security Engineer, Professional Services Consultant, Incident Response Analyst, and Threat Intelligence Analyst. Throughout all of those jobs (regardless of the title) I have also been an analyst. I think about data, systems, and the people behind the events. I like data! I like as much data as I can get my hands on. I like to sift through that data to see if pattern emerge, shape, and explain where that data came from. So, since I work in, on, around, and besides computer networks all day... What better platform is there for identifying how patterns can be found, uncovered, and understood than in the 1s and 0s of network traffic? I have a pre-identified set of PCAPs that I will be going through and the goal is for me to pick a pcap, analyze it, then tell whoever wants to listen what happened. Plus it will help me with passing a big old test I need to pass X-D

Crypto Mining - Who hasn't heard of cryptocurrency? Seriously? Get out from behind that rock!! CryptoCurrency is the new pink, the next meta black, and biggest thing since the US left the gold standard, plus I am interested in it so I want to talk about it! I want to have a platform in which I discuss what it is, how I am interacting with it, and hopefully how others can step into crypto! This topic is also a very large topic and as you may have seen already, Crypto Mining is just a small portion of it! Perhaps this blog will go into other types in the future, but for right now I simply want to talk about how to Mine crypto currency and I mean with your own physical rig hanging out in your basement, None of that cloud mining crap, Greg!!!! Psshhhhh.... I only say that because I am a touch jelly ;-)

Randomness - I can't live in confines, I need to be express myself in a way where I don't feel trapped or stuck. So, a page just about random things I think are interesting is needed! Who knows what will popup on that section? We shall see!

So, if you read this far... Awesome! You may be interested in reading other stuff I write, maybe. Or you're really bored! That works too! I will try to give you new content as often as I can. I will make every effort to post a new article every week, but I can see that happening every other week, but that is not what is to be expected. If you see, that a significant amount of time has elapsed since the last post and you want to see some more. Send me a comment, telling me to get up off my ass and write something!

There you are! Now I have a mission statement and you have an expectation.
The first post. Boom!